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Dear Friend of Gloucester Stage,Donate_240px

I joined the Gloucester Stage family in the role of Managing Director in October 2015, almost two years ago. It’s been great: my co-workers, the Gloucester Stage Board, the artists, technical staff, volunteers, and especially the audience – YOU – have all been so warm and welcoming to me and my wife Crystal as we adjusted to our new home on the North Shore.

What has made it especially rewarding and personally fulfilling is the quality of the work I’ve been privileged to take part in. I have been making theater for more than forty years, and I must say that the high level of artistry I have witnessed here at Gloucester Stage is simply astounding. I know that our audiences feel the same way, because they tell me. It seems that with every production last season, beginning with the stellar Lettice and Lovage, and then continuing on with Albatross, The Last Schwartz, Songs for a New World, The Totalitarians, and finally, Man In Snow, the constant refrain was some variant of “this is the best show I’ve ever seen at Gloucester Stage” or “This is the best season ever at Gloucester Stage!” And from what I’ve been told, you were right. We really outdid ourselves this year in terms of the high level of production values – acting, direction, design, and all of the many elements that go into producing world class theater – and we did it on a relative shoestring!

And there’s the rub. We really do manage to accomplish an awful lot with very few resources. OK – let’s not mince words – MONEY! Gotta have it. And so here’s the thing – if you really want us to keep doing what we do so well, and do it EVEN BETTER next season, we need your support. We REALLY need your support. So this is the moment when we ask and, hopefully, it’s the moment when you respond by writing that check. Whatever you can afford, we hope that you will respond and ensure that NEXT season, once again, we find you in the lobby after a show saying, “this is the best show I’ve ever seen at Gloucester Stage!”

Please make it happen.

Thank you!



Jeff Zinn, Managing Director

From top to bottom: Lindsay Crouse* in Lettice & Lovage; Benjamin Evett* in Albatross; Amanda Collins* & Lewis D. Wheeler* in The Totalitarians; Brianne Beatrice* & Andrea Goldman* in The Last Schwartz. Photos Courtesy of Kippy Goldfarb/Carolle Designs & Gary Ng.

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association (AEA).