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Man in Snow 2016

The Boston Globe– Don Aucoin

  • “…’Man In Snow’ reflects the tautness of construction and vividness of expression that have long been among the hallmarks of Horovitz…”

The Artery– Ed Siegel

  • “Jennifer McFarland Lord’s white circular set is simple but stunning, a combination of snowy Alaska and Zen acceptance and transcendence.”
  • “Whether there’s life after death or not, “Man in Snow” is emblematic of how much artistic vitality there is at Gloucester Stage in the here and now.”

Wakefield Daily Item– Mark Sardella

  • “…an impressive professional cast.”

Broadway World

Photo Flash: In Rehearsal with Israel Horovitz’s MAN IN SNOW Premiere at Gloucester Stage

Gloucester Daily Times – Mike Springer

‘Man in Snow’ nears Cape Ann debut

The Totalitarians 2016

Good Morning Gloucester– Kim Smith

  • “…“The Totalitarians” is alive, funny, passionate, and crazy. Representing the very best of live regional theatre, what unfolds on the stage is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else at any price.”

Theater Mirror– Michael Hoban

  • “…raucously comical look at how Americans respond to image and rhetoric over substance in today’s insane political environment.”
  • “This a lightning fast-paced comedy, with so many terrific one liners that it might require a second viewing to catch them all.”
  • “Breean Julian is a scream as the manic Penny, and she makes the transition from dim bulb to calculating politician seamlessly enough to be a little frightening.”

The Item- Jack Butterworth

  • “The Gloucester Stage Company rules the theatrical scene this month with “The Totalitarians”…”
  • “Playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb lets his four ensemble characters rise over the top of every situation, and they take themselves so seriously that the audience doesn’t have to. As a result, he crams the maximum amount of laughter into every situation and director Jeff Zinn makes sure that no laugh is left behind.”
  • “At a time when ideology and personality trump facts and reality and satire intersect, Nachtrieb’s play has only crept closer and closer to actual journalism in the two years since it debuted in San Francisco, and the cast gives each part everything they’ve got.”
  • “The Totalitarians” is totally worth seeing. It provides the laugh track that seems to have been left out of this year’s election coverage”– Nancy Grossman

  • “…Collins shows an impressive range of emotions and expressions, evolving from the disappointment Francine feels working for a stupid, low-level candidate, and turning her into a crazed, well-oiled machine that takes no prisoners.”
  • “…excellent…”
  • “If you like your humor broad…then The Totalitarians might be the comic relief you seek.”

WBUR Artery – Ed Siegel

  • “…the production is all to the good.”
  • “Some of Nachtrieb’s humor is delicious, some rib-tickling…”

Wakefield Daily Item– Mark Sardella

  • “…Amanda Collins (who was a hit in last season’s Out of Sterno) is hysterically funny as Penny’s stressed-out campaign manager.”
  • “Wheeler is a study in understated frustration as the doctor who hates patients and is married to a wife who ignores him in favor of getting a vapid candidate into office.”
  • “There are lots of laugh-out-loud moments in The Totalitarians and much that rings true, especially as we try to make it through the last two months of our own election-year theater of the absurd.”

Gloucester Daily Times– Gail MacCarthy

“Gloucester Stage’s production of “The Totalitarians” sends shock waves through the audience as it tells as the story of how a campaign manager, desperate to make a mark on the political scene and further her career, brings a less-than-worthy candidate to the forefront of an election.”

Cape Ann Beacon– Sally Applegate

“This outrageous comedy depends on brilliant performances and direction – and Gloucester Stage delivers. For his first direction of a play in Gloucester, Managing Director Jeff Zinn has crafted an evening that is alternately wildly funny, quietly poignant and darkly frightening.”

Songs for a New World 2016

The Boston Globe-Don Aucoin

“As the performers move adroitly among the pop, gospel, jazz, and funk styles of Brown’s score, the composer’s bountiful melodic gift is constantly in evidence. So is his careful attention to craft and his romantic sensibility…”

Wicked Local: North of Boston– Pete Chianca

“If you have any doubts as to whether the Gloucester Stage Co. remains one of the most amazing intimate spaces to see live theater on the North Shore, do yourself a favor and see “Songs for a New World”…”

Sheila Barth, The Chelsea Record

“Gloucester Stage Company (GSC) theatergoers can sit back, watch and listen to five accomplished actors performing songs that span human emotion…” “…outstanding…” “…the actors’ voices and per­sonalities blend beautifully on stage, while transitioning from reverential, anthemic, gospel songs, jazzy interpreta­tions…” “…kick back and enjoy an afternoon of fine music, performed by a harmonic troupe, each possessing versatility and remarkable vocal range.”

Wicked Local: Rockport– Sally Applegate

“This stunning collection of songs by Jason Robert Brown, “Songs for a New World,” at the Gloucester Stage Company, offers the wisdom that you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last to find yourself in a strange new landscape.” “A spectacular cast leads the audience through moments of sorrow, hilarity and anger…Director Robert Walsh has artfully woven the evening into a cohesive and compelling adventure…”

The ARTery– Carolyn Clay

“At Gloucester Stage, “Songs” boasts a talented cast…”

The Arts Fuse– Robert Israel

“The production proves to be invigorating and, at times, rapturous…” “The Gloucester Stage cast…infuse the play with the called-for waves of desire and deepen it into expressions of spirituality.” “…the GSC production of Songs for a New World demands more. It invites us to take a deep look into our souls.”– BWW World News Desk

Photo Flash: Meet the Stars of Gloucester Stage’s SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD

The Last Schwartz 2016

The Boston Globe-Don Aucoin

“…Laufer thrashes out questions of Jewish-American identity, assimilation, memory (individual and collective), the heartache of unfulfilled expectations, and the double-edged power of home.” “…Laufer brings a freewheeling imagination and a distinctive comic voice…” “…“The Last Schwartz’’ finds ways to cut deep, and you can’t help but admire the audacity and speed of the playwright’s U-turns from whimsy to utter seriousness and back again.”

Wicked Local: North of Boston– Pete Chianca

“If you have any doubts as to whether the Gloucester Stage Co. remains one of the most amazing intimate spaces to see live theater on the North Shore, do yourself a favor and see “Songs for a New World”…”

The ARTery– Carolyn Clay

“…a stellar New England premiere by Gloucester Stage Company…” “…“The Last Schwartz” melds genuine feeling with dark comedy, all in consideration of what it means to be a family.” “This may be “The Last Schwartz,” but let’s hope it’s not the last we hear from the team of Laufer and Plum.”

Good Morning Gloucester, Kim Smith

“At a pace that feels like you’re on a roller coaster, playwright Deborah Zoe Laufer delivers a potent blend of laughs and bitter revelations. The ensemble cast is uniformly brilliant, creating vivid characters that feel like people you know and may even be part of your own family. With expert direction by Paula Plum, evocative lighting design, and a set that looks exactly like your grandparents’ musty old house, The Last Schwartz delivers comedy and heartbreak that’s perfect for a midsummer night.”

The Arts Fuse– Jess Viator

“Paul Melendy gives a triumphant performance.” “All of the performances of the cast members in The Last Schwartz are superb.” “Both Andrew Duncan Will’s sound design and Russ Swift’s light design are elegantly crafted…” “The Last Schwartz…is well crafted and touching.”

The Item– Jack Butterworth

“The Last Schwartz”…deserves to finish first on a list of evening entertainment.”

Events Insider– Mike Hoban

“Gloucester Stage has again paired playwright Deborah Zoe Laufer and director Paula Plum…and they again craft a gem.” “Gloucester Stage’s ‘The Last Schwartz’ is more than just an entertaining comedy. It delves deeper into the twisted dynamics of ordinary appearing families than most dramas, while still providing plenty of laughs. It’s well worth the (scenic) drive) to Gloucester.”

On Boston Stages– Rich Fahey

“Director Plum, who has made Gloucester Stage one of her several artistic homes, helps her own cause with astute casting and a feel for Laufer’s work.” “…it does have humor, heart and soul, and it has you caring what will happen to the Schwartz’s…”– Nancy Grossman

“Laufer’s witty, insightful writing is given its three-dimensional due by a crackerjack cast who look like they’ve been performing together for months, not days.” “Laufer’s script and the situations she dreams up are very funny and very true, but also poignant. Plum’s perfect pacing and deft handling of the various scenes gives the actors the time and space they need to inhabit their characters and find greater depth as the play proceeds.” “Across the board, each member of the ensemble gets inside the skin of their roles and pulls their oars together rhythmically like a championship crew.”

The Jewish Advocate- Jules Becker

“If the fictional Schwartzes are clearly dysfunctional, Westchester County native Laufer’s insightful play proves a very sharp look at their difficulties connecting and belonging – a family tableau vividly portrayed by a stellar Gloucester Stage Company cast in its New England premiere under the taut direction of Paula Plum.” “…GSC makes “The Last Schwartz” well worth your attention.”

Albatross 2016

Examiner– Peter Gross

“Benjamin Evett is a New England treasure…an actor of immense dedication and great gifts that owns this work…”

Wakefield Daily Item– Mark Sardella

“The key to this play is Evett’s mesmerizing performance as the mariner…Together, Evett and director Rick Lombardo succeed in creating a theatrical experience that combines the best of ancient and modern storytelling…”– Nancy Grossman

“…’Albatross’ has undoubtedly brought good fortune to Evett. The acclaim he has received is richly deserved, certainly for his and Spangler’s accessible adaptation, but especially for his tour de force performance.”-

Wicked Local– Sally Applegate

“Evett is powerful and mesmerizing…Put this show on your must see list…”

The Boston Globe– Terry Byrne, ‘Albatross’ Sets Sail

“Albatross,” the stage adaptation of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s lyrical ballad of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” represents that breathtaking alchemy that can only happen in the theater.”

Examiner– Peter Gross

“This smart and funny adaptation wrenches the images out of Coleridge’s epic poem and makes them as vivid as any modern tale of survival.”

Wicked Local– Keith Powers

“It’s a little different each time — some parts taken out, some new parts added. I’m a little different too, with a new understanding of it. I feel like I’m more in command, and I’m looking forward to sharing it.” (Benjamin Evett)

Lettice and Lovage 2016

The Boston Globe– Don Aucoin

“Virtually every movement Lindsay Crouse makes and every word she utters is charged with theatricality in the Gloucester Stage Company production of “Lettice and Lovage.’’– Jack Butterworth

“The Gloucester Stage Company has opened its 2016 season with a rollicking comedy that is more than a play — it is a burst of joy designed to captivate any audience.”

Berkshire Fine Arts– Charles Giuliano

“Driving to the end of Route 128, in a modest space near the harbor, surrounded by lobster boats and the sound of squawking gulls, one is hardly prepared for ambitious theatre and stunning performances.

Wicked Local– Sally Applegate

“Crouse is animated, humorous and versatile in this nonstop performance, and Lowry does a first-rate job with the complex character she plays…”

The White Rhino Report– Terry Byrne, ‘Albatross’ Sets Sail

“The play is an absolute delight on every level.”

The Boston Globe– Terry Byrne

“I’ve also been so impressed not only with the quality of the actors, but with the quality of the people. Lindsay Crouse, for one, takes the time to introduce herself to every volunteer and really makes us feel like part of the company (Claire Wilson).”– Nancy Grossman

“Crouse takes on the title role of tour guide Lettice Douffet and makes it her own with panache and good humor. Marya Lowry is her incredulous employer Lotte Schoen and together they raise the bar for the art of verbal sparring. The esteemed scene partners feast on Shaffer’s rich language and throw themselves into the theatrical shenanigans of the play, with supporting silliness well-represented by Janelle Mills (Miss Framer) and Mark Cohen (Mr. Bardolph).”

Joyce’s Choices– Joyce Kulhawik

Lindsay Crouse is a powerhouse, commanding the stage with every dramatic utterance, scaling each tall tale she tells with towering gusto.”   Watch WGBH Jared Bowen “Open Studio” interview with Lindsay, including video clips from the show! (segment starts at 6:15) Bowen