Tuesday, Sept. 18 @ 7:30pm  |  Tickets: $25

HYPOCRISY: A Special Prosecution

Conducted by Brendan Hughes

Performance Shall Include But Not Be Limited to the Following Performative Elements: Diagrams, Theories, Music Loops, Lab Coats, Sheep’s Brains and Oblique Arcana, Preposterous and Otherwise.

Since 2008, Hughes has occasionally delivered comic lectures on gigantic themes in an ongoing attempt to double-click
on the universe, by offering ontological equipment to fellow 21st century travelers for their hazardous journey through the
post-everything age.

Brendan Hughes is co-host of the popular podcast Dad Jeans. He is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama and
directed about a hundred plays around the country before switching to alt-comedy when he realized he enjoyed giving
curtain speeches far more than he enjoyed directing the productions that followed them. He spent his childhood on a
commune started by the inventor of rubber gloves, napping in the sun on the stomach of a lazy bull named Stanley.