NeverDark, Ever

by Casey L. Oakes 
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We believe the theatre should never go “dark.” To be dark in the theatre means there are no productions on our stage or butts in our seats. Why waste our incredible space when there are so many wonderful and essential stories to tell? The theatre is a communal space where people of all sorts have the opportunity to share in a story. It’s a place unlike any other. A space to share a laugh. To share grief. To be inspired. To be moved. To feel. To transform. To love.

The lights should never go out. 

NeverDark is our answer. A series of second-stage programming that optimizes our space and resources. The series includes lectures, talk backs, film screenings, play readings, and other events built to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of all Mainstage productions. NeverDark events will be scheduled to complement central themes, topics, and issues relating to each Mainstage production. Events will take place in various locations throughout Cape Ann, including Gloucester Stage and other select venues. All events are Pay-What-You-Wish and represent our investment toward serving a culturally rich and diverse community.

This year’s NeverDark series is already scheduled to include 16 Talk Backs and Backstage Discussions, 15 Staged Readings, and 6 Film Screenings with more programming to come. We have reached out to playwrights and hope to have them join us in dissecting the work and deepening our understanding of each play.

We want to talk with YOU. We want to find ways of opening up a dialogue between those of us who create and those of us who interpret. NeverDark is just the beginning of a conversation we are starting to develop at Gloucester Stage. It is our opportunity to expose the community to works that might not typically play on our Mainstage. A chance to meet an entirely new and diverse collection of characters and faces. It is our way of enriching the emotional and structural world of all Mainstage productions.

Also, we just want to ENTERTAIN you! The theatre is a FUN place to be. Yes, we go the theatre to learn, socialize, and engage. But we also go because we want to have a GOOD TIME. We want to get away. We want to escape into a world entirely different from our own. Or, we want to cultivate a better understanding of our own lives through the refractions of the stories we see on stage.

Through NeverDark you will be exposed to a swath of stories, performers, artists and styles unprecedented at Gloucester Stage. You will have the chance to engage in new and exciting ways. And we’re just as excited to have the opportunity to engage with you, our audience. We need to talk. Now we finally have the chance.

We plan to ignite a whole new level of engagement at Gloucester Stage, all it takes is the spark.

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