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The Memory of Water
Written by Shelagh Stephenson and directed by Jennie Israel
Tuesday, September 12, 7:30pm | FREE Reserve your ticket

Water memory is the alleged ability of water to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved in it…and those properties of water, being in constant ebb and flow, changing, circling around, is where this play begins. Three estranged sisters meet in rural England on the eve of their mother’s funeral, struggling to connect even as they exist in drastically different memories of their childhood. The play was awarded the Olivier in England for comedy, and allows the audience moments of fantastic levity, emotional loss, and all the pieces in between; it is an appreciation of human nature in all it’s quirks and imperfections.

Cast includes: Lindsay Crouse, Amelia Broome, Ella Loudon, Lydia Barnett-Mulligan, Steve Barkhimer and Barlow Adamson

The Pizzicato Effect II: Mediocrity
Created and performed by Brendan Hughes
Monday, August 28, 7:30pm | BUY TICKETS $25

Brendan Hughes returns to Gloucester Stage with another evening from his collection of hilarious and strangely meaningful lectures about Time, about Narrative, about Mediocrity, and, most topically, about the Truth.

Travels with a Masked Man
Written and performed by John Hadden
Sunday, August 27, 7:30pm | BUY TICKETS $25

John Hadden performs his two-character, one man play about deception, “the game” (espionage) and rough filial love. Based on his book Conversations with a Masked Man: My Father, the CIA, and Me. Haunted by unanswered questions about his childhood overseas, a man confronts his father, an ex-CIA chief who ruminates darkly on the American Empire, the human animal, and himself. Alternately horrifying, hilarious, and poignant, their verbal contest covers Cold War material from Vietnam to the Middle East and the Bomb, from abstract art to James Bond films––but the real conversation, the subtext, is about what they mean to each other.

Israel Horovitz

New Shorts
Written and directed by Israel Horovitz
Tuesday, August 22, 7:30pm | FREE Reserve your ticket

Staged readings of new original short plays directed by the author.

Illustration by Jacob Stoltz

Written and performed by Randy Noojin
Monday, August 14, 7:30pm | BUY TICKETS $25

Seeger is a critically-acclaimed, multimedia solo show about America’s beloved folksinger/activist, Pete Seeger, singing at a benefit in Washington, D.C. advocating free speech in Cuba, where he uses his greatest songs, If I Had a Hammer, Turn, Turn, Turn, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Bring ‘Em Home, and We Shall Overcome, to tell the story of his struggles for free speech in America.

“I was blown away when Randy Noojin came on stage and effectively resurrected Pete Seeger. Not only is Noojin a dynamite folk singer who performs around a dozen Seeger classics, he’s written a brilliant script that perfectly captures the spirit, personality, and passions of Pete Seeger.” –

Illustration by Jacob Stoltz

Hard Travelin’ with Woody
Written and performed by Randy Noojin
Sunday, August 13, 7:30pm | BUY TICKETS $25

Hard Travelin’ with Woody is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning multimedia solo show with the music and artworks of Woody Guthrie. Hop a box car through the Dustbowl and commune with the spirit, stories and songs of America’s iconic folksinger, saint-of-the-workingman and poet-of-the-people as he plays for a union meeting of striking mine workers on the verge of yielding to corporate vigilante violence.

“Captures the spirit of Woody, solid, entertaining work that should travel far and wide in these hard times, just like Guthrie himself.” – The Huffington Post


Simon Geller
Photo courtesy of Nathan Benn

My Station in Life
A reading of a new play by Ken Riaf
Sunday, July 30, 7:30pm | FREE no reservations required

What’s the difference between selling and selling out? From the rubble of his studio dungeon Simon Geller, the last standing single-handed radio operator in the country, broadcasts commercial free classical music from Gloucester – the town that loves and endures his peculiar presence. A recluse who speaks to thousands daily while sawing off the limb he’s out on.

On the Cover of Time: A Memoir with Songs

A Staged Concert Reading

Book and lyrics by Harriet Reisen, music by Jeanie Stahl, performed by Anne Gottlieb and Jeanie Stahl |
Directed by Doug Lockwood
Tuesday, July 25, 7:30pm | BUY TICKETS $25

The story of a woman and her generation, the baby boomers, through the seventy years after World War II. Born in the early months of the population surge that followed World War II, the milestones of the woman’s life and her generation’s always wind up on the cover of Time magazine.

Rosie wants to be a “somebody,” like her mother’s sister Rita, “not a nobody” like her housewife Mom. Aunt Rita is a glamorous executive at Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, the top “shop” during the Creative Revolution in advertising. The mystery of Rita’s early death becomes Rosie’s obsession. Only when she solves that mystery can Rosie finally come into her own.

Watch a video of a song from the show! Sing Me Clementine

Jay O’Callahan

Pill Hill Stories
Written and performed by Jay O’Callahan
Tuesday, July 18, 7:30pm | BUY TICKETS $25

Stories of a boy growing up in a neighborhood near Boston after World War II. In a touching way, these stories explore friendship, prejudice and class differences. O’Callahan was presented the National Endowment for the Arts for Performance Excellence Award for these stories.

He has performed his Pill Hill stories in London at the London Westbank, at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and Lincoln Center in New York. “An undoubted triumph” Irish Literary Supplement

Jay O’Callahan, author, storyteller and workshop leader has performed his stories in New Zealand, Lincoln Center, The Abbey Theater in Dublin, Africa, the National Fine Arts Complex in London and throughout the United States. His work has been heard on National Public Radio. Jay has be commissioned to write stories by various groups including NASA to celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Quebec Labrador Foundation, Lehigh University and The Boston Symphony Orchestra. Jay’s newest story, Falling for Emily Dickinson, takes the listener into the poet’s mysterious and passionate world. Time Magazine called his work “genius”. He is currently working on an epic novel called Mage that he hopes to publish in the near future.

“Breathtakingly good…Dickensian juiciness.” Seattle Times

The Chess Player
Adapted from Stephan Zweig’s novella and performed by Richard McElvain
Sunday, June 4, 7:30pm | BUY TICKETS $25

Imprisoned by Gestapo. Solitary Confinement. Mind disintegrating. Losing a battle with madness. A stolen book of chess games becomes your only hope. Fighting madness by choosing schizophrenia. And that’s just the show’s first half.

Tom Megan

Sea Change
A New Musical
Book, Music & Lyrics by Tom Megan
Tuesday, June 20, 7:30pm | FREE no reservations required

Set in Gloucester at the height of the fishing crisis, Michael Mateus, a family fisherman, struggles to find his way amidst a wave of New Age real estate developers, the warnings of traditional fishermen and an ancient Sea Goddess who demands a sacrifice to replenish the abundance of the sea.

Tom Megan: A Richard Rodgers award winner for the musical The Kid Who Would Be Pope, Tom’s thematic interests cover a wide range from A Vision, based on the life and work of William Butler Yeats (Playwrights Horizon, Eugene O Neill Center, Boston Conservatory, June 2016) to Jack a wry look at the life of Jack Kennedy (Sacred Fools Theater, LA). Tom’s satirical writing includes annual lyrics for “Banned in Boston” an Urban Improv fundraiser and his own topical songs.

Directed by: Weylin Symes, Artistic Director, Stoneham Theatre

Musical Director, Tom Megan

Featuring: Devin Bean, Sarah Bendell, Sean Crosley, Aimee Doherty, Kathy St. George, Tim Sawyer, Felix Teich, JT Turner, Cathy Wilmot and Stephen Zubricki

Johnny Lee Davenport

ThurgoodSold Out!
Presented in partnership with the New Repertory Theatre
Written by George Stevens, Jr., performed by Johnny Lee Davenport
Tuesday, June 27, 7:30pm | BUY TICKETS $25

A one man play about Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American to sit on the Supreme Court. Thurgood spans Marshall’s impressive career as a lawyer, arguing such landmark cases as Brown v. Board of Education.

EJ Edmonds

Corey Rodrigues and Friends
Sunday, July 2, 7:30pm | CANCELLED

Corey Rodrigues is a national touring college comedian, the winner of multiple comedy competitions and has been seen on Gotham Live and Laughs on Fox. Rodrigues has put together an unbelievably diverse lineup of some of his favorite New England comedians working today. Laugh your way into Independence day with this explosive line up!


Corey Rodrigues – Gotham Comedy Live, Laughs on Fox, Sirius XM
Dan Crohn – Last Comic Standing, Laughs on Fox
Orlando Baxter – International Touring Comedian, Conan Obrien, Gotham Live
Dan Boulger –  Craig Fersguson, Comedy Central, Comics Unleashed
Jody Sloane – Comedic and Commercial actress, Regional Touring Comedian
E.J. Edmonds – New Guy on the Block Making a Big Splash on the Scene
Kelly Macfarland –  Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, Gotham Comedy Live

2016 NeverDarks

Gino DiIorio, Summer Williams

SUNDAY, JULY 17 AT 7:30pm | FREE Staged reading of a new play CRIB By Gino DiIorio Directed by Summer L. Williams An African American professor finds herself in the middle of a plagiarism scandal. CRIB engages questions of race, scholarship, and mental illness. Tracy is an African American Professor in the midst of a tenure fight. Rajon is a star basketball player, negotiating the challenges of freshman year and his court prowess. When Rajon is accused of plagiarism and faced with expulsion, Coach Pari comes to his rescue, reminding Tracy that the school is run on athletic money, not on anything she hopes to achieve in the classroom.  In turn, Tracy finds herself in the middle of an unwanted battle between academics and athletics.

Jay O’Callahan

TUESDAY, JULY 19 AT 7:30 PM | $20 FALLING FOR EMILY DICKINSON Created and performed by Jay O’Callahan Enter the mysterious and passionate world of this seemingly quiet and demure poet with Jay O’Callahan. “My story, Falling for Emily Dickinson, tells of being drawn into her work, life and times. Dickinson was a great poet who struggled with her emotions and yet ‘found ecstasy in living’. In my story I explore my own creative process, and how Dickinson challenges my perspective on art and on life.”

Christopher Demos Brown & Tom Bloom

SUNDAY, JULY 24 AT 7:30 PM | FREE staged reading of a new play FEAR UP HARSH Written by Christopher Demos-Brown Directed by Tom Bloom An Iraq War veteran and Medal of Honor recipient’s perfect life begins to unravel when a former comrade-in-arms comes to call in a play that shines a light on the corrupting effect of awards and commendations. FEAR UP HARSH premiered at Zoetic Stage in Miami in 2014 and received a 2014 Steinberg Award Citation from the American Theatre Critics Association.

Diane Edgecomb

TUESDAY, JULY 26 AT 7:30 PM | $20 A THOUSAND DOORWAYS Created and performed by Diane Edgecomb A chance encounter with a young Kurdish refugee sets an American storyteller on a quest of danger and discovery to bring back their ancient legends. This is the true account of one woman’s journey through the remote mountains of Turkish-Kurdistan in search of the last Kurdish storytellers and of the extraordinary people who shared their lives and their stories with her.

Brendan Hughes

TUESDAY, AUGUST 9 AT 7:30 PM | $20 THE PIZZICATO EFFECT Created and performed by Brendan Hughes Deploying diagrams, theories and preposterous arcana, Brendan Hughes delivers comic, ontological mini-lectures drawn from the darkest corners of Wikipedia, from Euclid’s drug-induced perfect rectangle to Plato’s penchant for name-dropping, from Julius Caesar’s IT department to Pope Gregory XIII’s time warping proclivities, Miles Davis’s unplayed notes to Wolfgang A. Mozart’s delicious command of restraint… all in a valiant attempt to double-click on the Universe. (click here to read Broadway World article: “Two Capes”)

Kyle Bradstreet

TUESDAY, AUGUST 16 AT 7:30 PM | FREE staged reading of a new play OCTOBER ETERNAL Written by Kyle Bradstreet Directed by Robert Walsh “Absurd. All of this, so beautifully absurd…” A peaceful forest of red maple trees. A bottomless barrel of whiskey. A storage trunk stocked full of memories. For the two unnamed characters in Bradstreet’s latest play, what more could they possibly ask- other than escape from this seemingly perfect eternity…and each other.

Robin Galloway

SUNDAY, AUGUST 21 AT 7:30 PM | FREE Workshop performance of a new play ARMY B.R.A.T. Written and Performed by Robin Galloway Directed by Eliza Baldi Army B.R.A.T. examines the funny, poignant, and unexpected stories of Robin Galloway and her life on the move as a 4th generation US Army B.R.A.T. It explores the privilege, cost and weight of family legacy, and her life-long desire to achieve a state of “home” – a journey of one woman questioning her destiny. UPDATE: For the first six months of 2018, Robin will be serving as a consultant for Cape Fear Regional Theatre in Fayetteville, N.C. for their Military Arts & Healing Program. The Artistic Director, Mary Kate Burke, has hired her to develop theatre programming and outreach for military children and families on Fort Bragg, presently the largest U.S. Army installation in the world. It will be a pilot program and the first of it’s kind.

Brenda Withers

TUESDAY, AUGUST 23 AT 7:30 PM | FREE Staged reading of a new play STRING AROUND MY FINGER By Brenda Withers Intermittently heartbreaking and hilarious, String Around My Finger opens with a young woman and her fiancée coping with her miscarriage on the eve of their wedding. Insurance is questionable and finances are tough; how will they pay for the hospital? Should they cancel the wedding in order to reclaim the deposits? Also on hand are his somewhat overbearing sister and the physician’s assistant who attempts to bring sanity and balance to a situation that threatens to spin out of control. From the award winning actress and author of Matt And Ben. (click here to read Broadway World article: “Two Capes”)

Jim Frangione

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 AT 7:30 PM | FREE Staged reading of a new play FLIGHT OF THE MONARCH Written by Jim Frangione Directed by Jeff Zinn Flight of the Monarch is the story of two middle-aged siblings, Sheila and Thomas, born, raised, and still living in a small fishing town on the New England coast. This darkly comic play explores how siblings’ lives are intertwined, what we owe to the people who know and love us best and, how family members’ needs and desires may push the boundaries of what we are expected to do for others. Update: Flight of the Monarch will receive a full production in its World Premiere as part of the Gloucester Stage 2017 season.

Israel Horovitz

SUNDAY, September 18 AT 7:30 PM | FREE Staged reading of a new play


Written and Directed by Israel Horovitz

Love in the time of terrorism is the theme of Israel Horovitz’s newest play THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY, which follows three couples during 72 hours, before and after a rock concert in Paris. THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY is the final play in Horovitz’s Paris trilogy, which also includes his internationally-acclaimed MY OLD LADY, and this year’s off-Broadway hit OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES, which starred Estelle Parsons and Judith Ivey and played to packed houses at NYC’s legendary Cherry Lane Theatre.