Equity & Non-Equity Casting Information

Gloucester Stage Company is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to submit. You can learn more about how our company is taking action build a more anti-racist culture online here: gloucesterstage.com/action-plan

Gloucester Stage Company remains committed to providing a safe environment for all of our volunteers, artists, and staff. We are proud adopters of the The Chicago Theatre Standards, and part of the #notinourhouse movement. Read more about the standards online here: gloucesterstage.com/standards

Creating theater this summer will not be normal – we are making significant investments in the safety of artists and staff to make in person performances possible. To learn more about Windhover Performing Arts Center, our outdoor venue, click here. A full artist-facing COVID safety plan will be presented to you before accepting an offer, you can find an overview online here.


Gloucester Stage Company 2022 Season Casting Call

Video Auditions for In-Person Indoor/Outdoor Performances

Seeking – Equity & Non-Equity actors for roles in 2022 season (see breakdown). Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to submit. For all roles listed as ‘cast,’ actors will be considered for possible replacements. No understudies will be cast.

If you submitted a video in 2020, or have previously auditioned for Gloucester Stage Interim Artistic Director, Paula Plum, you are welcome to just submit an updated photo and resume pdf and identify the roles/shows for which you would like to be considered. You do not need to re-submit an audition video. Due to housing challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, local actors are particularly encouraged to audition.

Please prepare and video a 90-second, contemporary monologue. Please submit a headshot, resume and 1.5-minute video electronically to: auditions@gloucesterstage.com

Actors are welcome to submit via platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube or any other vehicle that is accessible. Be sure to include passcodes that may be necessary to access your video.

Please submit materials before February 21st, 2022

Production Breakdowns Coming in January 2022

GLORIA by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Director: Bryn Boice
Rehearsals begin: 5/13/22
Performances: 6/3 – 6/26

GLORIA / NAN: extra late 30’s – office social-outcast / alternately, a magazine editor
LORIN: late 30’s – “Unclear” ethnicity, “sad sad sad sad” guy with earphones
DEAN / DEVIN: extra late 20’s – “White”, journalist / alternately, an IT guy
KENDRA / JENNA: mid-late 20’s – “Asian”, high energy office gossip / alternately, a film producer
ANI / SASHA / CALLIE: early 20’s – “White”, receptionist in publishing office / alternately, an editor / then alternately, an assistant to a film producer
MILES / SHAWN: early 20’s – “Black”, office intern / alternately, a Starbucks barista

Director: Robert Walsh
Rehearsals begin: 7/8/22
Performances: 7/29 – 8/21

BILL: late 70’s married to Nancy for 50 years
NANCY: late 70’s married to Bill
BEN: their son, 30’s – 40’s, a business person, married to Jess
BRIAN: their other son 30’s – 40’s , a drama teacher
JESS: 30’s, a psychotherapist, married to Ben
TOMMY: late 20’s early 30’s, Brian’s online hook-up, a bit tawdry
CARLA: 50’s – 60’s, Bill’s “affair”, cheerful, frumpy, warm, “an easy laugher”

THE THIN PLACE by Lucas Hnath
Director: Dee Dee Batteast
Rehearsals begin: 9/9/22
Performances: 9/30 – 10/23

HILDA: 30’s – 40’s, any ethnicity, searching for connection with her deceased grandmother
LINDA: 60’s, any ethnicity, a psychic
SYLVIA: 40’s – 60’s, any ethnicity, Linda’s friend
JERRY: 40’s – 60’s, any ethnicity, Linda’s cousin

Director: Judy Braha
Rehearsals begin: 6/7/22
Performances: 7/1 – 7/24

EDITH WHARTON: the writer, mid-late 40’s, having a sexual awakening, brilliant, witty, intimidating and, at times, vulnerable (partial nudity: underwear)
MORTON FULLERTON: a writer, early 40’s, seductive, duplicitous, a devil with joie de vivre (partial nudity: underwear)
HENRY JAMES: the writer, 60’s, hates dogs, adores Edith. They are old friends.
POSEY: the Irish Maid, 30’s early 40’s, directly addresses the audience, loyal, dutiful, full of life, thrilled by Edith’s writing which she reads clandestinely


PARADISE BLUE by Dominique Morisseau
Director: Jackie Davis
Rehearsals begin: 8/2/22
Performances: 8/26 – 9/18

BLUE: 30’s – 40’s, Black, a trumpeter, owner of the Paradise, a jazz club, handsome, ambitious, driven
PUMPKIN: 20’s – 30’s, Black, Blue’s girlfriend, cook, housekeeper of The Paradise, “a lovely thing with a soft touch”
CORN: 40’s – 50’s, Black, piano man, a romantic (partial nudity: underwear)
P-SAM: late 30’s, Black, a hustler, sweetalker, percussionist
SILVER: 30’s – 40’s, Black, mysterious, alluring, a meeeaaan walk, gritty. (partial nudity: underwear)