Fish Tales: JOY

Real Stories Told Online
Streaming on Vimeo May 1st – 16th  |  Tickets: $9

Fish Tales: JOY

Real Stories, Told Live* (*well, recorded live)

A local storytelling program developed by the Gloucester Writers Center (GWC), because at heart every writer is a storyteller. In fact, we are all storytellers. Each day we tell stories about where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, and who we’ve talked to – all with additional color and flare, seriousness and humor, love and affection.

Fish Tales has grown from a cozy storytelling evening at the GWC to a happening weekend night event every other month, showcasing real people, telling true stories from the heart. Our storytellers are vulnerable, ready to share funny and honest tales.Our enthusiastic audience reminds us that it is a joy and privilege to sit and listen to someone else’s life for a while.

Reserve your ticket and you will receive an email with your link and password on May 1st. Your ticket will have a date/time on it, but you will have access to watch at any time from May 1st through May 16th.


Caleb Friday lives in Gloucester.  I enjoy all that Cape Ann has to offer, and greatly enjoy our community.  I enjoy time with my family, occasionally coaching youth sports, and encouraging my young daughter to take care of the chickens we have, which she wanted.






Yoni Kadden is a 25+ year high school history teacher in the Boston area.  He’s been telling stories in and out of his classroom the whole way through.  Yoni made his story-telling debut at the age of 6 when he “accidentally” broke the eyeglasses he was supposed to be wearing and told his mother that Josh G thought they were a ball and threw them across the room.  This is the first time that Yoni has told a story to an audience not actually forced to be in the room with him.






Hannah Shevitz is a 18-year-old student of Gann Academy about to be a grad. She is originally from Washington state meaning that she is infused with rain and evergreen trees. She loves to write, direct plays, and have picnics with friends. If she could be any kitchen utensil she would be a cake pan so she could infuse the cake with all her sweet energy. 








Joshua lives in Gloucester. He loves its hills, woods, and coastline. He talks and eats and drinks with his neighbors.











Jamyang Tamang is a Himalyan, Computer Science student at Endicott College, who loves contemplating consequences. As a contrarian he loves getting into long debates and civil arguments with friends and others who he respects.










Ella Frank is a 17-year-old student of Gann Academy in Waltham, Massachusetts. She lives in Easton with her parents and twin younger sisters and is the proud owner of three dogs. Ella enjoys off-trail hiking, cats, poetry, and rap music.









Marylou Bassani has lived in Gloucester for 16 years. She loves to tell stories spontaneously, especially fictional ones about herself. She is a mom to one daughter and a very loud and obnoxious parrot.









Laila Goodman is a biology teacher, doula, and storyteller.   Laila loves living by the Jewish calendar, photosynthesis and making connections to people of all ages. She and her husband Barry Moir live in Magnolia where they keep chickens.

Casey Breton lives with her husband and three sons in Gloucester. While at home, she divides her time between picking their things up off the floor and putting them where they belong. These days, Casey relies on biking, walking in the woods, and strolling on the beach to maintain sanity. She sorely misses the pool at the Cape Ann YMCA. She regrets not being more productive in the yard and wonders if popcorn makes a legitimate meal. (What if it’s popped in virgin coconut oil and served with a glass of milk?) As an employee at Common Crow Market, she is now classified as “essential” — a first in her professional life. She tries not to let it get to her head.

How do I watch online? 

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