Sunday, Sep 16 @ 7:30pm | Tickets: $25

Rebel Voices

Based on the book “Voices of a People’s History of the United States”

Original Book by Howard Zinn & Anthony Arnove |  Adapted by Rob Urbinati

At a time when voices of dissent have been relegated to “free speech zones” and diminished in the mainstream media, Rebel Voices brings to life inspirational and challenging stories of protest from U.S. history – and today. The play seeks to combat hopelessness by igniting the forces responsible for arousing change and celebrating the indomitable human spirit.

Rebel Voices is an important testimony to the strength of the individual voice, as told through first-hand accounts from people who have shaped the course of U.S. history, often struggling against seemingly insurmountable odds. The Rebel Voices will likely include Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X as well as lesser-known figures like Maria Stewart, a pioneer Black abolitionist from the early 1800s, Stella Nowicki, a union organizer in the 1930s and contemporary voices such as Iraq war resister Camilo Mejía and Patricia Thompson, a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.

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Sarah Elizabeth Bedard*
Benjamin Evett*
Laura Latreille*
James Ricardo Milord*
Alex Pollock*
Erin Nicole Washington
Jeff Zinn*