Outstanding Performances Brought to Life

Sunday, July 11th & Tuesday, July 13th

Valetango Company

‘Trust Me. Trust Me Not’

Valetango Company strips Argentine Tango to its bare bones and using its lead and follow foundation as a tool to explore relationships of collaboration and power relationships,  resulting in a new aesthetic that highlights non-traditional stories.

It’s latest production “Trust Me. Trust Me Not” centers onto the importance and fragility of trust, incorporating the experience of distrust and the longing of profound togetherness.

The company is comprised of Obbie Award winner theater director Orlando Pabotoy, 2019 USA tango champion Orlando Reyes Ibarra, former principal of Ballet Hispanico Rodney Hamilton and ACE and HOLA awarded choreographer Valeria Solomonoff

I push forward the main legacy of tango (improvisation that emerges from connection) and apply it to theater and dance.

​- Valeria Solomonoff



Valeria Solomonoff: Director of Valetango Company, Choreographer and Dancer

Orlando Pabotoy: Director of “Trust Me. trust Me Not”

Orlando Reyes Ibarra: Choreographer and Dancer

Rodney Hamilton: Choreographer and Dancer