Removing Barriers to Theater

Facilities Improvement Phase 1

Gloucester Stage is committed to investing in our audience by how we prioritize improvements to our historic building. This first phase of our strategic facilities plan, renovates the entry, box office, and restrooms to better welcome patrons and staff of all abilities, especially those with mobility challenges.

This project will achieve ADA compliance for the facilities and help to eliminate long lines during intermission for all patrons. As Gloucester Stage works to remove barriers for all people experiencing theater our public spaces must offer a comfortable and safe environment for visitors with physical or visual disabilities.

This investment of $193,000 will achieve a healthier and safer experience for over 19,000 patrons each year. Through donations before this project started, and a matching grant from the Mass Cultural Council’s Facilities Fund, we have over 85% of the funding required for this improvement phase. Your contribution to Gloucester Stage will help us raise the remaining $34,500:


Over the past 5 years we have more than doubled our yearly visitors to the theater and our growing audiences need more space and shorter lines:

  • New Box Office ticket window
  • Improved comfort and privacy for visitors of all ages, ability, or gender
  • Bigger restrooms to accommodate sell-out audiences, especially reducing lines for the women’s facility
  • One secure access point at the front door for business and youth education drop off

Help us welcome patrons with mobility disabilities by providing facilities that meet their needs, and in doing so, increase the safety of our building:

  • Support patrons with mobility or physical disabilities by offering spacious stalls and accessible restrooms.
  • ADA Compliance for all visitor and staff spaces
  • Implement technology to provide a healthier building with air flow, sanitary surfaces, and clean-use materials, keeping guests and patrons safe.

This moment apart has provided the perfect timing to complete these necessary repairs and upgrades to our building

To achieve this goal, we need supporters at every level to help us remove barriers to theater – please consider a donation to our project this year.

Click here to download a pdf with more information about giving levels.


PROJECT SCOPE: Repairs & Renovations



  1. Expanded Handicap Stall Space
  2. ADA support bars & counters
  3. 60% more fixtures in both facilities
  4. Safe surfaces for improved sanitation
  5. Increased lighting, ventilation, & privacy

Team Office

  1. Increased space & light for productivity
  2. New flooring & walls for noise reduction
  3. Redesigned work space to support the 150+ artists and staff in the summers

Emergency Exits

  1. Replaced Section 3 Exit
  2. Added Stairs in Scene Shop
  3. Replaced Ground Floor Rear Exit Door


  1. New Box Office window w/ speaker
  2. Old office door replaced


  1. Eco-conscious water fountain installed
  2. Coat rack reorganized
  3. New high traffic anti-slip floor


  1. Replaced missing support
  2. Repair & level roof structure
  3. Patched rubber roof above



Architectural support generously donated by Heineman Architectural Associates


PROJECT PROGRESS: Images Along the Way


Still more progress to come! Plumbing coming this week with final electrical work, carpet, and finishes later this month!

This project received funding and was made possible in part by the Mass Cultural Council Facilities Fund. Learn more about that program by clicking here. Managed in collaboration with Mass Development.