by Sidney Junk                                                                                                                                                                                             Stage Management/Costumes Apprentice

Junk Sydney

I’m writing this sitting backstage right before the last performance of Sweet and Sad. It’s odd to think I won’t be cutting up chicken or making wine out of juice and water and funneling the mixture into wine bottles for another performance. This is it. After tonight there is no more laundry, no more pre-scooping ice cream into little balls for the next performance, and no more nights sitting quietly backstage while listening to the Apple family unfold their story on the stage.

Being the only member of the backstage crew provided some unique challenges.  I was the assistant stage manager, wardrobe supervisor, food warmer-upper, pseudo props assistant, and dishwasher. I had a lot of hats on for this process. I enjoyed the challenge. I’ve learned even more about time management and organization. Each show I work on and the people I work with provide me with new tips and tricks of the trade. Each show is its own learning experience.

While it will be hard to part with the actors and stage manager I’ve been working with for the past month, it is also comforting to break the repetition. A new show provides a different cast, crew, and a new set of challenges. It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a show you’ve put work, sweat, and tears into but that’s part of the beauty of theatre. I get the chance to constantly jump into something new.


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