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Gloucester Stage Closes Season with Poignant, Powerful “Mockingbird”

To Kill A Mockingbird separates itself from standard morality plays by showing us characters who are not broadly drawn in black and white, as good or bad, but with behavioral elements across the spectrum of humanity.”
The Theater Mirror

BWW Review: Gloucester Stage Season Closes Strong with TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

To Kill a Mockingbird is, at its core, a very good story with sharply-drawn characters who tell us who they are by their behaviors. It lends itself to the stage with the necessary conflict and dramatic elements, and successfully transcends time and place.”
Broadway World

Classic performance of an American classic

“It is certainly brilliantly done and many audience members were overheard saying it was the best production they had ever seen at Gloucester Stage.”
Wicked Local


“The GSC production of To Kill a Mockingbird is nothing less than a magnificent shooting star streaking across the heavens and with only a month of performances, you must see this masterful interpretation before it vanishes into the night”
Good Morning Gloucester


The cast of To Kill A Mockingbird on the GloucesterCast!
Good Morning Gloucester

Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ opens at Gloucester Stage Company

“Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” explores issues of morality as it opens onstage tomorrow”
Eagle Tribune

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ concludes Gloucester Stage Company season

To Kill A Mockingbird featured in Wicked Local
Wicked Local

Photo Flash: Sneak Peek at American Classic TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at Gloucester Stage

Rehearsal photos, full cast list, synopsis, and more!
Broadway World

Five things to do, Oct. 2-8

To Kill A Mockingbird featured in the Your Week Ahead section
The Boston Globe

BWW Review: World Premiere of FLIGHT OF THE MONARCH at Gloucester Stage Company

Flight of the Monarch achieves a fine balance of comedy and drama, both of which arise naturally from the situation at hand. Frangione’s dialogue echoes real conversations, and his characters behave in realistic ways. The performances of Carroll and Smith elevate the work so that the audience can readily suspend disbelief and become absorbed into the world of the play.”
Broadway World

REVIEW: ‘Flight of the Monarch’ makes world premiere at Gloucester Stage

“Two fine performers, Nancy E. Carroll as Sheila and J. Tucker Smith as her brother Thomas, interact expertly thanks to fine direction by Jeff Zinn and convincing dialog by Frangione.”
Wicked Local


Flight of the Monarch is a poignant and astonishing family drama that aims for the heart and doesn’t miss.”
Good Morning Gloucester

The Tale of Two Siblings

An article about the cast, playwright, and director of Flight of the Monarch.
Gloucester Daily Times

Photo Flash: Sneak Peek at FLIGHT OF THE MONARCH, Premiering This Week at Gloucester Stage

Rehearsal photos and information on Flight of the Monarch.
Broadway World

In Horovitz’s ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes,’ there are four sides to every story

“This New England premiere of “Out of the Mouths of Babes’’ has a stealthy charm that wins you over”
The Boston Globe

BWW Review: N.E. Premiere of Israel Horovitz Comedy, OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES

“Horovitz is a comic wordsmith whose dialogue sets off ripples of laughs about situations ranging from mundane to absurd. In the hands of a less-skilled writer, some of these scenes could be fodder for a television sitcom, but Horovitz differentiates his characters well and lets their quips and speeches define them.”
Broadway World

“Babes” Shine in Horovitz’s Latest at GSC

“In addition to Horovitz’ ability to write legitimately funny dialogue for the opposite sex, it is the performances of the quartet of actresses that makes this play so enjoyable.”
The Theatre Mirror

REVIEW: Horovitz’s ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ entertains at Gloucester Stage

“Interactions between these four wonderful actresses are consistently entertaining as the play works its way through to a spirited conclusion. It’s a fun night out for theater-goers.”
Wicked Local

‘Out Of The Mouths Of Babes’ Comes Sexism And Snap At Gloucester Stage

“Israel Horovitz’s Out of the Mouths of Babes is a droll, snappy comedy with an intoxicating whiff of Blithe Spirit.”

Israel Horovitz’s latest play is a witty comedy

“Horovitz knows how to write comedy and the jokes work, especially when delivered with caustic disdain by Plum and Wise.”
Wakefield Daily Item

A showcase in Gloucester for a quartet of acclaimed actresses

“[Out of the Mouths of Babes] is a comic showcase for a quartet of some of Boston’s finest actresses — Sarah Hickler, Obehi Janice, Paula Plum, and Debra Wise — all of whom bring their own detailed impressions of their characters to the stage.”
The Boston Globe

Set of play premieres with gallery of local art

A discussion of the artwork onstage in the production featuring an interview with properties designer Emme Shaw.
The Gloucester Daily Times

Horovitz directing premiere of his latest comedy in Gloucester

An interview with playwright and director Israel Horovitz about Out of the Mouths of Babes
The Gloucester Daily Times

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

“Gloucester Stage founding artistic director Israel Horovitz’s Out of the Mouths of Babes stops in Gloucester for its New England premiere between runs in New York and London.”
The Improper Bostonian

Let it rain

“The Rainmaker is about the willingness to take a leap of faith and the unexpected power of looking at familiar things in a new way.”
Mark Sardella, Wakefield Daily Item

Bates is Luminous in GSC’s Powerful ‘Rainmaker’

“Director Robert Walsh, artistic director of GSC, is one of the finest directors in the Boston area and his casting – and the direction – just feels right from beginning to end”
Rich Fahey’s On Boston Stages

Stars Illuminate GSC’s ‘THE RAINMAKER’

“The cast is terrific, Eric Levenson’s folksy set, outstanding, and Russ Swift’s lighting and David Reiffel’s sound effects are dramatically enhancing.”
The Revere Journal

In Gloucester Stage’s compelling ‘The Effect,’ love is the drug

A rave review from Globe theater critic Don Aucoin
The Boston Globe

In Gloucester, Brad Hall is entering another stage

An interview with Brad Hall about performing in The Effect
The Boston Globe

Summer theater picks

Globe theater critic Don Aucoin’s guide to summer productions includes The Effect.
The Boston Globe

Music, theater, dance, art and more

This week’s picks for concerts, plays, performances, exhibitions and other events in the Boston area.
The Boston Sunday Globe The Ticket: Critic’s Pick

Love under the influence

“The intricacies of love and attraction have defied science for centuries. But in Gloucester Stage Company’s production of British playwright Lucy Prebble’s drama, this ageless mystery is examined in the midst of a drug-intervention experiment for depression.”
The Gloucester Times

Gloucester Stage aces New England premiere of ‘Bank Job’

“Combine a marvelous script, impressive cast and first-rate direction and you have a winner.”
– Wicked Local/Cape Ann Beacon

‘Bank Job’ pays off with laughs at GSC

“Being a madcap comedy, The Bank Job demands a certain suspension of disbelief. In return, it pays dividends aplenty in the form of laugh-out-loud lines and more than a few plot twists along the way.”
Mark Sardella

GSC’s ‘Bank Job’ – Robbery Goes Wrong, Comedy Goes (Mostly) Right

“Given the state of the world right now, a light comedy like this may be just what we need.”
The Theater Mirror